Cleaner indoor air quality with better dog pads

A dog as a pet brings home a lot of challenges! As the owner and the pet parent, the potty training days are all the more challenging. Though your pet dog is a symbol of loyalty and prosperity, it brings some serious situations that need to be dealt with smartly. These smart solutions include dog pee pads. Dog pee pads are also symbolized as potty pads, dog training pads, piddle pads, or the wee-wee pads. These are either square or rectangular layers of an extra absorbing material designed to be the best companion to any pet parent. These high-quality super-absorbent dog pee pads, also called the self-cleaning dog-pads are excessively useful, especially for their ability to soak up any puppy mess quickly. 

Train your dogs in the very early days to live in a cleaner and pollution-free environment

These super absorbent and extra protected dog pee pads help you train your dog for building up a routine. They come in various sizes, including the small dog pee pads and the large dog pee pads. Initially, it is you as a pet parent, who needs to be extra cautious in getting the dog to learn to sit on the pee pad. When done, the dog should be made to feel comfortable peeing on the same dog pee pad. Now here, the owners have their own unique choices to train and compel the dog to excrete.

Your dog needs your applause. Praise it while it does the right thing, and you need not be too harsh to scold while in case of any mishappening. The very necessary part of the training is taking the dog for pee pad visits. Make your dog habitual of sitting on the dog pee pad more often and it would soon learn to do it on it's own. This, in turn, maintains a clean and healthy environment to breathe and live in. By the end of the training days, your dog also knows to keep the surroundings clean.

Problems that may still arise naturally with a house trained dog

Urine incontinence, the condition that makes your dogs incapable of proper and timely urination. Ranging from small to large urine leaks, your dog don't seem to get any respite when it goes through this situation. The fact is that apart from the pet dander and the other allergens, urine incontinence may itself be a troublesome factor in polluting the indoor air quality. Imagine you have a house trained dog, and it still pees abnormally. Feels terrible, seeing such scenes as a pet parent, right?

Although these dog pee pads are very useful with the initial training days, there are still many unanswered questions! The first and foremost will be if your pet succumbs to any natural abnormality as the time passes.

Remember, your pets need an extra bit from your side. Here, the all-absorbing dog pads help you treat the incontinence in older and incapable dogs. These dog pee pads resemble a disposable table cloth that can be otherwise absorb liquid from multiple uses. Self-cleaning dog pads absorb the toxins thereby absorbing moisture from the urine and keeping the surface clean all around. They come with some specific features that include... 

1)Maximum Absorbency:

These square shaped quilted cubes have a higher absorption tendency. Lock in the liquid and prevent leakage.

2)Track Resistant:

A fast-drying top layer to prevent tracking. Maximum track resistance with the additional top layer prevents any wanted tracking by your pet. 

3)EdgeLock Technology:

Prevents any overspill of the liquid getting squeezed out from sides. Extra sealing power along the sides and corners ensures no leakage. 

4)Attracts your pet:

Your pet easily finds the pad because of the lemon-scent essence on the pads. The fragrance remains active even after multiple usages.

5)Heavy duty:

These pads are fabricated with an extra dense bottom layer. They're strong enough to be used by any dog size. 

The other features that refine the quality of these dog pads are...

  1. Significantly convenient and easily available for any dog to use. 
  2. Ensures cleaner indoor air quality by preventing any possible mess inside your home that your pet’s peeing habits could lead to. 
  3. Quickly soak up moisture and prevent any bad smell from spreading around.
  4. Proven the best option for aging dogs with prominent health issues. 
Some conclusions to take note of..

These types of all-absorbing dog pads are also the self-cleaning dog pads. They ensure a cleaner air to breathe in. Thus, the use of dog pee pads reduces the risk of any health issues in your family that otherwise may arise due to bad air quality. The small puppy pads or the large puppy pads, whatever the size may be, these dog pads come with some effective features. And these features enable dog pee pad’s ability to withstand multiple uses. If you feel the need for extended use of dog pee pads, Pad Delux is the one-stop destination to give you pee pads of the highest quality. So, opt for these amazing dog pee pads today for a cleaner home and environment for you and your pet.