About Us

Welcome to Pad Delux! We specialize in providing the highest quality dog pads on the market. We have focused heavily on every detail of pad design and absorbing performance, so you can maintain a clean, healthy environment at home.  

For many years I have owned and trained dogs. I currently have two English Bulldogs. Phoebe and Max! They mean the world to me. My promise is to give them the healthiest, happiest life possible. I feed them the best foods available. They eat fresh meats, fruits and vegetables every day. They are a priority to me, as I’m sure your dog is to you. I love all dogs and appreciate the joy they bring to the world, and wanted to make a dog pad that met these expectations. 
Over the last decade or so, I have dedicated a significant  amount of time and money to house training my dogs. Dog pads have played a major role in this endeavor, as they use them daily. However, the issue with training dogs has less to do with your pet and more to do with the design and quality of the pad you are using. Dogs are actually willing and able to learn such behavior with pads. Today's industry is too focused on quantity, instead of the quality of the pads they sell you, and this affects any house training. 
I have done extensive research into the pads available today, purchasing pads from many companies. Whether it be your local store or an online retailer, they all offer the same low quality pads.  I have never found a dog pad that comes close to absorbing all the liquid from a single event, let alone multiple uses. Literally, every pad available is made using extremely thin material, with little or no odor neutralizing capabilities. As a result, I ended up using significantly more pads and spent a lot more money on other cleaning supplies. Products like paper towels, cleansing sprays, air fresheners, and mops are needed with low quality dog pads. All of this shouldn’t be necessary if you are using a high quality dog pad like one from Pad Delux. 
My solution to this horrible situation with these inferior dog pads is Pad Delux. Our dog pads are specially designed to quickly absorb over 36 ounces of liquid, and eliminate any odor. We use the latest technologies to maximize absorbency and provide quality like no other pad on the market. Features like Edgelock Protection and Track Resistance help absorb and prevent any unwanted tracking by your pet. You are guaranteed to replace dog pads much less often while using our service.                                            
Additionally, all orders are hand packaged and shipped same day. Try us today. You and your dog deserve the very best. Also, take advantage of our complementary subscription service, which offers additional savings from our already low prices.