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Welcome to Pad Delux!

With Pad Delux...


Maximum Absorbency

Track Resistant

Edgelock Technology


Heavy Duty

Odor Neutralizing

Pad Benefits

Pad Delux dog pads are made with the latest technology and fastest absorption solutions. We focus heavily on pad structure and performance. Six enhanced features allow you to replace pads less often, while maintaining a clean healthy environment inside your home. A single Pad Delux dog pad can quickly soak up and lock in over 5 cups of liquid.


Pad Diagram

Free Shipping

Global Shipping

Subscription Available

Breeder Connect

Dog Breeder Sponsorship

1. Breeders will receive a FREE box of our Pad Delux dog pads with an additional 12 promotional packs to distribute.

2. Breeders then distribute the 12 promotional packs to new puppy families to sample the product.

3. New puppy families will then purhcase our pads through our website with FREE shipping attached.

4. Breeders are then rewarded a half box of our pads based on their promotional pack statistics.


"The pad companies today focus way too much on quantity.  Both local stores and online retailers offer the same, flat, colorful pads.  Barely absorbing fluid from one event, they expect you to use extra pads.  As a result, additional supplies are needed.  Paper towels, cleansers, and air fresheners are wasted when relying on poor quality dog pads.  That's why I created Pad Delux.  We specialize in providing the highest level of absorption, containment and odor control in today's industry.  Additionally, we pay the shipping cost on every order inside the continental U.S.  Try us today, I guarantee you will be happy with our product. Trust my company like I do"

Joseph Pisculli


What our customers have to say

If you're an apartment living pooch like me, then potty pads are great - especially during the freezing winter time!  Thank you @paddelux for my wee pads.  They are definitely top notch quality, and so cushiony it's like I'm weeing on a cloud!


My fav pads are @paddelux.  They are fluffy and super absorbent!  Paws down da best quality pads on the market!  Testify!  Order yours today!  (NOT sponsored!  I am a REAL returning customer)


Mommy is Obsessed with the incredible Peepee pads from @paddelux.  I usually go through 30 plus pads a month with the trio pups.  In a month's time I've only gone through 14.  These are the best pads ever!  Go check them out.  You will be SO happy with these pads.  Shipping is free & they have subscription too!


We just received our new potty pads from @paddelux.  Pad Delux sells heavy duty pads that make house training much easier.  Never pay shipping with them and they offer a subscription.  These pads are great!  They are thick so they hold pee very well.  I also use them to potty train my piglets!


Super excited about these awesome pads from @paddelux.  They are nice & thick... much better than the pads Mom usually buys at the store. 


Pad Delux LLC

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Brooklyn, New York, 11228, US

(+1) 716 539 9017

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