Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pad Delux?

Pad Delux is a dog pad company that specializes in providing the highest quality absorption available on today's market. The latest technology and finest materials are woven together so you and your dog can experience quality waste management inside your home. Quality and convenience are paramount with us. Additionally, we developed a subscription service to better serve you. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Where is Pad Delux located?

Our offices and warehouses are located in New York City. All orders ship same day from our Brooklyn locations. However, we provide service to dogs all over the world. 

Why choose Pad Delux?

Great question. Quality and convenience are both guaranteed with us. We take pride in producing a product that will outperform all of the competitors. Pad Delux focuses heavily on pad design, structure and performance. Multiple layers and advanced pad features like Edgelock Protection and Quilted Absorption Cubes quickly soak up and contain over a full liter of liquid. Subscription is also available free of charge. This gives our customers the convenient way of reordering without the hassle of having to remember, and save an additional 10%.  

What size pads are available?

Our high quality dog pads come in 2 sizes. Small (24x24), and Large (36x24). All pads are secured with our Extra Dense bottom layer, strong enough for any dog size to use.  

How many pads come in a box?

Pad Delux dog pads are available in several quantities. Small pads & large pads are available in boxes of 25 and 50. 

How much do Pad Delux dog pads cost?

Our small and large pads start at just $25.99 per box. Each pad size is available in larger quantities for additional savings. Any subscription with us saves you an extra 10% on each order.

Are Pad Delux dog pads scented at all?

Our pads do a perfect job attracting your pet.  We use just a hint of natural lemon freshness that allows your dog to easily locate the pad.  Eliminating odors instantly, our pads were designed to attract your dog even after it has been used.  

What is a subscription with Pad Delux?

Subscribing with Pad Delux allows for absolute convenience and savings. Flexible delivery options, without any commitment relieves you of having to remember to order again and again. Delivered to your doorstep on time, every time, Pad Delux saves you an extra 10% with every order.

Can I purchase pads now, and subscribe in the future?

Absolutely. Most customers start a subscription shortly after they purchase and experience the quality. Reordering, subscribing and account management is very easy with us. All of your account settings can be updated instantly. 

How can I change my delivery schedule? 

Making changes to any of your settings is quick and easy. Manage your subscription by logging in to your account. Click the manage button. Here, you can edit your custom delivery schedule, billing information and view your history with us.

Are there any fees associated with a subscription from Pad Delux?

No. Our subscription was designed to save you money. There is no cost to start, or cancel any subscription with us.

How can I make changes to my account?

All of your information is safe and secured with Pad Delux. You can edit or update any settings instantly, by logging in to your account. Simply use the email and password you created. Here, you can access personal, billing information, preferences and your purchase history with us. 

How quickly will I receive my Pad Delux dog pads?

As soon as possible. We take service and delivery very serious. Your order will ship from our location on the order date. A shipment email is sent to you including order details, and tracking information on the status of your order. In just a few days, your pads will arrive via Fedex Ground delivery.

What if I use dog pads in more than one location?

We completely understand that pad training your dog can take place in multiple locations. We are prepared to ship to all. Your account has the ability to save several addresses, allowing you to select each according to your preference.

What forms of payment are accepted with Pad Delux?

We proudly accept all major credit and debit cards. Additionally, you are welcome to use our accelerated payment options such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shopify Pay and PayPal.  

How will my account be charged?

Your account with Pad Delux will be charged at the time of each purchase. Subscription accounts are charged according to the custom delivery schedule of your choosing. All account information is safe and secured with us.  

How can I contact Pad Delux with any questions or concerns I may have?

Contacting us is very easy. We aim to provide the absolute best customer service in addition to quality products. Feel free to email us any time at An agent will reply in less than a day.