How do dog pads work?

Dog pads are also known as potty pads, pee pads, wee-wee pads, dog training pads, etc. They are either rectangular or square in shape. A dog pad allows a dog to urinate or poop when needed, instead of waiting on walks or other scheduled times for relief. 

Layers of absorbent woven sheets prevent leakage and therefore act as a lifesaver for pet parents.

There are different kinds of dog pads today with multiple features. For example, pads with odor eliminating scents to reduce or prevent urine smell inside the house.

Some patience goes a long way-

dog pads

It’s always exciting to bring a puppy home as a new family member. With the arrival of the puppy, there also comes many challenges in your day to day life regarding dog pads. One of the biggest challenges is to potty train your dog. There are some puppies who learn this quickly while others struggle with it for a certain period of time. While training your dog, always remember to be patient, calm, positive, and consistent.

Train your dog to use a pad -

First, try to settle your dog on the pad when he is about to pee. Say any magic word or try to use some motions, letting him feel comfortable with it.

If your dog quickly uses the pad properly, then praise him. If not successful, just be a little patient. Never try to install fear in your dog as he will assume it's safer to pee anywhere when you're not home.

Try your best to stick to a routine. Also, take him to the dog pad a few times throughout the day. This will remind him that the pad will be available in the same spot.

Practice this every day and praise your puppy or dog for his positive behavior. He will learn all the tactics within a few days.

Some more positive aspects of dog pads-

  • Convenient and easy for any dog to use. 
  • Prevents messy cleanups inside your home. 
  • It's easy to work options for pet parents who have no yards.
  • A great option for senior dogs with health issues.
dog pads


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