Is potty training adult dogs an easy job?

Adult dogs have always been more open to rigorous training as they become quicker learners in life. Age is never a factor, in contrast to the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Adult dogs tend to learn faster than puppies do. They develop a better understanding if taught with expertise. Therefore, when talking of potty training days, the usage of dog pads becomes all the more frequent while dealing with older dogs. Training the pup to use the puppy pads, during the initial potty training days, seems easy. Younger dogs are naturally in the state of learning about their surroundings. It is considerably easy when the pup adapts early with the usage of the dog pee pads from the very beginning of the house training days. The pads become a routine of your pup’s life from a tender age, but is it possible that the same pee pads can easily be a part of your older dog’s routine as well? 

It's not that old dogs can’t learn new tricks! With the highest quality dog pads in the market, your dog can easily get comfortable with using pee pads in their toilet routine. However, to make sure your dog gets into habit, you must encourage consistent use of pee pads by inviting your dog for its usage as much as possible. You have to understand that the dog is old and may take it’s time to learn, but appreciation, gestures and a caring treatment all along will eventually accelerate this process of learning. 

Steps to train the older dog for usage of pee pads

1)Let your dog meet those pee pads!

Introducing your older dog to the usage of dog training pads is like introducing your dog to a toilet. Let it lick it, sniff it, play with it and love it! You must work with your dog in generating interest for pee pads before getting them familiar. The dog should be introduced multiple times to the pee pad to an extent where he or she can easily locate it alone.

2)Setting up the area of elimination

It's the feeling of relief that you should set for your older dog while selecting the area of elimination for them. Place the dog pee pad in an area where you want your dog to go and eliminate freely. Appreciate while it does so, cheer and motivate your dog to go in the same space and relieve itself, until it becomes automatic.

3)Feed accordingly and at scheduled timings

The routine set up for feeding is also an essential factor while making your dog learn more about the usage of these dog pee pads. Remember not to go over the top with feeding your dog and maintain a balance. Feed at the same time everyday to make sure that your dog gets into a fixed routine of peeing and pooping.

4)Devote time as potty training for the older dogs needs it!

Training your senior dogs to use pee pads needs some time and patience. Devoting these hours will pay off later when your dog becomes well aware of the convenience and consistency.

5)Don’t scold or punish, rather reward them!

Make your dog feel as if it has done something appreciable and so it could do it again out of it's own will. Clapping, whistling, calling out their names and appreciating your dog in whatever way you can should be done more often. Make sure you make them feel rewarded while they poop and pee at the right place. Praise them for their good behaviour every time they pee on the pee pad. Do not scold or punish them if they make a mistake while learning as it may instill a sense of fear in them. Don't make them feel afraid of you or else they will hesitate every time they need to eliminate. Remember positive reinforcement is the key.

At last...

The dog training pads have always been the very core aspect associated with potty training, wether the dog is old or young. There is a problem though with the age and the habits that the dog inculcates along the way. The changes taking place mentally, with the older dogs, bring about some behavioural changes as well. These include changes in the sleep-walking cycle, repetitive or compulsive behaviors, forgetting commands that they once recognised, increased anxiety, etc. The health also degrades and your pup is no longer capable enough to walk those long distances very frequently. With these being the signs of an aging dog, what dogs require now is a break from pain, discomfort and longer walks for pee breaks. Therefore, the known fact is that the training for the older dogs with the dog pee pad requires patience, devotion of time and love for your pet.