The Benefits of a White Dog Pad

Josh Billings says, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” And rightly so, as we search for a companion who could share the inborn love and unconditional affection towards us. Throughout our lives, we roam about like wanderers in search of a friend, philosopher, and guide to make us look at this world through his/her frame of mind. One who could hold our hands and walk throughout, who could sit beside and talk about. One who could show utter loyalty and exchange the purest forms of feeling with us like any of the family members would do...

Despite this relentless search, not even a single person rises to the expectations. It’s then when you have the urge to get yourself a 4-legged counterpart of yours. Yes, this is the time when you go out and get yourselves your most lovely companion “the dog”. A creature carrying an attire of the most adorable spirit, giving an essence of the most valuable deity, blossomed with every nuance of the most lovable soul, the dog happens to be a human’s first and last desirable friend.

Dogs are an enchanting gift of God

As rightly said by Eckhart Tolle, “When the dog looks at you, the dog is not thinking what kind of a person you are. The dog is not judging you.” The dog is the only creature that is not reserved for any sociological, psychological, mental, or physical bias. Its freedom is imparted and owned by oneself. It ditches the very unpopular policies of judging people that are bequeathed to him through the cycle of nature. Instead of judging you, the gleam in the eyes of a dog delivers a sacred message to you as the reader.

It’s the feel to establish a connection with its human friend that makes the dog choose you impartially. Not determining you by your height, weight, color or caste, creed, and religion, it forms a whole-hearted connect. It never checks on your credibility and trustworthiness. Though according to the law of equilibrium in nature, the dog has got its sole rights reserved but keeps the owner before everything else.

“And to verify this relationship of sanctity and selflessness, the owner has to give what he/she receives from the pet.”

The owner’s role here!

Just like a human being, who is most vulnerable to problems such as diabetes and other co-morbid conditions, the dogs are also at risk when it comes to the internally and externally related health problems. 

In humans, these co-morbid conditions lead to other multiple organ failures including the heart, lung, liver, or kidney failure to say so. Dogs are also prone to eye problems, ear defects, broken bones, diarrhea, fleas and ticks, and the problems related to the urinary tract, due to stones and tumors that may become malignant with time. 

dog pads

A much more circumspect approach has to be taken by the owner when he understands that the partner is passing through tough times. The owner has to deal with the problems the dog faces as it’s the only dependency. The dog relies on the owner’s wise decision making and should consider it as a solemn move. It is so as it has no other choice.

Urinary infections are amongst the most significant problems with dogs.

Your pup faces a tough time when dealing with the urinary infection. Quite scornful as the situation turns out to be for the dog. It groans and moans in pain and agony. Gets annoyed more often entering a more rebellion and attacking mode. Its pain starts growing both in intensity and magnitude causing a burning sensation in the urinary passage while urinating. 

Occurring most commonly in dogs, your baby may be found taking the unnecessary strain. To bring it to your knowledge that the infection is most commonly caused by the presence of bacteria and fungi. Seen most commonly in older dogs and the female ones, due to the incontinence, or the other major causes such bladder stones and tumors. Not to forget that the pre-existing health conditions such as chronic kidney diseases and Cushing’s disease can also be the causes.

Urinary Infections Symptoms

Taking your pups to the vet could become the only solution once you start observing the symptoms. The early call for seeing a vet comes with the occurrence of some unconventional signs that make your pup become restless and less cognitive. Let’s look at some of these:

1)A loop of frequent urination with an increased thirst to sustain the same!

2)Urine may appear cloudy or pinkish due to the presence of blood in it!

3)A pungent-choking odor in urine!

4)An inclination towards a higher body temperature!

5)Urinating abnormally inside the house without the cognizance of housetraining!

6)Strains while urination and the dog might even start crying!

These are some of the symptoms that have to be tackled at the earliest possible, so that they may not enter advanced stages later. This may lead to urinary tract dysfunction, kidney or bladder stones, blood-poisoning, or even a kidney infection in the worst possible scenario. 

A white dog pad helps you here! 

To determine the infection through the passage of urine, the owner might use the White Dog Pad! It is the best bet as the owner comes to know about the infection seeing the color transformations in the urine via the pad. This is substantially better than conventional dog pee pads, bearing bright or colorful plastic lining that may disguise the urine color.

White dog pad

Some businesses help you get all your dog supplies online! They ensure you are just a tap away from being their first choice. For getting comprehensive and all-round protection for your dog, make sure you are the first member to tap to get the best pee pads for training as well as aiding your dogs.

The wisest solutions!

Apart from the antibiotics prescribed by the vet, the pads inclusive of puppy pads, large puppy pads, large dog pads, small dog pee pads, the training ones, etc, back you up as an owner to get the infection administered primarily. Once your vet has diagnosed the infection, the dog is under safe hands.

To clean the infection up, the dog has to be kept going with the recommended levels of medication. The time allotted and the medicines prescribed have to be kept in close consideration with each other. The dosage has to be timely and should follow the prescribed limits of time. An early stoppage of medication would make the pup susceptible to a recurrence of the infection. 

Identify the infection to get the best solution.

As an owner and the only guardian of the pup, you are responsible for keeping up with the well-being of your pup. It’s very important to observe the occurrence of the infection from the very early stages, so take the precautions accurately. The white dog pads will help you win the battle.