Tips For Keeping Your Dog’s Paw And Pad Healthy

Using puppy pads for the potty training makes your pet dog habitual of pooping at the appropriate time and place. Teaching your pet how to use the puppy pads must be imbibed as a habit from their early days. Consistency and positive reinforcement are the key to this training.

However, one major challenge is when you think of the pet's paws coming in direct contact with the wee-wee pads. Will that not affect the pad performance or the pet's health? If you aren't thinking that way, it is a thing to worry. Since the pads and the paws are in constant contact, the paws are the best indicators of the usage of the pad and the determination of the pet's health. 

Why should a dog's paw and the pads be kept healthy?

A clean and healthy paw means a clean and more effective dog training pad. Dog training pads are soft and dampen a shock or strain to protect its tender paws. We know that a dog is habitually using its pads to fit into a proper and regular potty training schedule. This is the stage where a lot of care should be taken to keep your pet safe and healthy.

The pet is brought in direct contact with the dog training pads from the very early days in its potty training. Your pet walks on and off the pad as part of its routine, therefore the cleanliness of the paws becomes the only feasible option. You don't have to completely soak your dog, but washing their paws thoroughly to remove dirt or harmful substances would do enough. Maintaining a certain level of hygiene ensures your pet is safe and healthy. On the contrary, the paws being smelly, long nails, or overgrown hair between paw pads, etc.,could be signs of foot ailments that may require veterinary attention. 

The pet’s attention has to be a secondary measure. It is imperative as a pet owner, who is primarily responsible, to maintain a clean and healthy environment around the pet. Here are some points that will help you in keeping your dog's paws and pad healthy:

Tips For Keeping Dog's Paw and Pad Healthy!

1)Keep the paw pads moisturized

The paws, like the human skin, do get a bit dry and cracked. Hence to prevent that, one must use the best paw moisturizer to keep the pet's paw nourished and moisturized. Remember, using an everyday human skincare moisturizer can harm the skin of your pets.

2) Keep the paw hair short

The hair around your dog's paws, and in between their toes, is susceptible to accumulating dirt and debris, while your dog runs around. Thus, to avoid any hindrance while walking, ensure that you keep the paw hair short and trimmed. 

3) Keep short nails

4) Confine all possible contacts with foreign objects

It is hard to keep the foreign obstacles away from contacting your pet's paws but you can still confine them. Small particles can get stuck in the paw pads quite often, but you need to clean them regularly and ensure a check on the pebbles, broken glass, or other small objects. Keep removing any of the unwanted particles from entering the potty training pads to prevent your pet’s delicate paws. 

5) Seasonal treatments should be guaranteed

Remember that the extreme weather conditions might harm your pet's paws. This may be due to the summer and winter months might have hugely different impacts on the paw pads. You need to stay cautious of the seasonal changes and their effect on the paws and then react accordingly.

Maintain a clean and healthy environment in and around paw pads

Dogs use their paws throughout the day. Due to this, your dog's paws must be cared to ensure an active and happy pet. This may have a positive side effect on the dog training and its overall health. Be sure to maintain a clean and hygienic environment around your pet so that, as pet owners, you feel satisfied to be doing your bit for your lovely fur babies.