Why a good quality dog pad is important?

Dogs are a great blessing in each and everyone's life. They love us unconditionally without expecting anything in return. Dog Pads are a great initiative for their overall hygiene and optimal health. Dogs are a bundle of joy to warm your heart and home. Their antics light up lives. The foremost aim of a dog is to make their owner happy by removing loneliness and providing him with a friendly companion.

In exchange for all the unconditional love and pleasure that dogs shower on us, they do require various kinds of care in return which can slowly become a part of your daily familiar routine. The better you get at caring for your dog, the more pleasure and satisfaction you both derive from your relationship.

Dog Pads

Have you ever considered how many personal items are dispensable to your dog's health and happiness?

Dogs require fewer products or accessories than we humans, but they are not less vital at all. It is important to search and select the proper items that will help improve your dog's health in every regard, providing them with an optimal and high standard of living.

Different Sizes of Dog Pads

Whether you are offering your puppy or senior dog a familiar pee pad or traveling with your pet, we offer different sizes from small breed puppies to large breed senior dogs.

For small dogs, you can use pad size 24*24. They are perfect for small breeds. Ranging in the liquid capacity they offer regular and heavy-duty performance for their significant use.

For senior or old dogs, pad size 36*24 can be used instead of 5 extra-large pads. These pads are much more absorbent than the average training pads and provide 100% leak-proof solutions for any dog.

 Uses of Dog Pads

One of the foremost essential requirements for dogs is good quality dog pads. They are of various types such as dog pee pads, dog pads, dog crate pads, all absorb training pads, and much more.
  1. Dog pads act with extra absorbency. They lock in liquid and odors, keeping your house fresh and clean all day long. 
  2. Dog pads contain an attractant, which encourages your dog to use them. These pads also provide your dog with an indoor bathroom area even when you are not around to give them proper direction. 
  3. Dog pads are durable, long-lasting with a super soft top. Liquid proof bottom layers are great for absorption without any leakage. Perfect for any breed and multiple dogs too. 
Your dog's paw pads, (located underneath the dog paw) is what helps maintain their balance. Protecting their skin from several injuries, this natural padding helps insulate between hot and cold temperatures. Dog paws are exactly like your feet. If you walk barefoot outside frequently, you will build up thicker skin and calluses, but if you wear socks and shoes then you’ll have more tender skin. The same is the case with paw pads. Paw pads help in protecting your dog's feet, so keeping them clean and dry is very helpful with a high absorbency dog pad.


Dog Pads

Dog pads are an effective and reliable way to potty train them perfectly. If your dog or puppy has urinary related problems, then puppy pads can be an effective solution. Sometimes surgeries can affect a dog's bladder. Most of the female dogs have been known for incontinence issues after surgery, so you need to look for these kinds of incontinence issues while selecting dog pads.


With all the factors, it’s naturally considered that dog pads are a great initiative for your dogs which creates a sense of familiarity and habit for the dog. However, puppies are smart and can easily learn new things immediately with proper training and guidance.

Housebreak your furry friend with the best dog pads only at Pad Delux and make owning a pet more joyful and pleasant.