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Small Dog Pads

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Maximum Absorbency

Fast Drying Technology

Odor Neutralizing

Track Resistant

Scented for Attraction

Extra Dense Bottom Layer


Customer Reviews

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Anna Marie Lictro
Satisfied Consumer

I rate the Small Dog Pads Five Stars. I have been using this product for years. The pads are far superior to any of the pads on the market. You will be very pleased. Try them!

Thomas Menzel
#1 pads in the world

I tried alot of different wee wee pads for my female chihuahua and everytime she would squat to pee she would be wet because the pads don't absorb. Pad delux is the best pad I bought yet since I been using pad delux she has been dry and so has my floor. I recommend pad delux to anyone that's looking for the best wee wee pad for your dog.

Jonathan Tattersall
Best potty pads out there

Don’t ever buy another brand 👍🏼👍🏼


Small Dog Pads

Janine Dudkiewicz McElroy
Maltipoo Dog Pads

I have a 14 pound maltipoo and due to my work schedule I use wee wee pads. I’ve used many brands and this brand far exceeds. The urine stays confined to a small area and in turn saves me money because the pad can be used numerous times before I need to replace. I can use one pad for a day and a half at times. There is absolutely no odor at all with these pads and they are a great quality - not thin or flimsy - they do not tear easily.